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with america's national security agency. >> president obama gave a candid and personal act thursday, as ha announced a ground-breaking initiative. it's called my brother's keeper in the government to help keep young black and hispanic boys in school. the president made the case, drawing on his personal experience growing up. >> when i was their age i asway lot like them. i didn't have a dad in the house. i was angry about it. i didn't realise it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without thinking about the harm that it could do. >> president obama said the idea for the program came in the aftermath of the murder. it will receive $200 million for the next five years. magic johnson, n.b.a., is one of the businessmen pledging to help. >> rain is expected this weekend, but it will come at a cost. the state is bracing for a storm that could trigger flooding in mudslides. mandatory evacuations are under way. 1,000 homes may be in harm's way. >> conditions are changing. we are looking at changes if terms of rain and snow. we saw rain across parts of california. thursday we saw a break, a
it was a member of the national security agency who was involved in setting up the black panther party chapter in baltimore, eddie? >> yes. yes, the defense captain named -- he worked for the national security agency. he said at the black panther party. i was instrumental in exposing him after a lengthy investigation and he fled the country. he went to canada. he infiltrated carmichael's organization, the african revolutionary party. he was exposed of their after engaging -- up there after engaging in something with the fbi. caribbean, ie believe the bahamas, and undermined some of the political movements down there and actually cost a death or two. i'm not really sure he did not cause a couple of deaths in maryland in the black panther party. which is what is part of what caused me to start investigating him. one of our members was killed as a result of something that he encouraged him to do. , and as bob said, they're political prisoners all across the country from the black panther party that have been victims of the cointelpro operation. people.mined a lot of it painted the picture that ca
reveals the national security agency and its british counterpart, the the government communications headquarters, or gchq, may have peered into the lives of millions of internet users who were not suspected of wrongdoing. a surveillance program codenamed "optic nerve" compiled still images of yahoo webcam chats in bulk and stored them in the gchq's databases with help from the nsa. in one six-month period in 2008 alone, the agency reportedly amassed webcam images from more than 1.8 million yahoo user accounts worldwide. the program was reportedly used for experiments in "automated facial recognition" as well as to monitor terrorism suspects. a more accurate name for the "optic nerve" program may have been "peeping tom" because it ended up collecting a large number of sexually explicit images. according to the documents, between three and eleven percent of the yahoo webcam images contained what the gchq called "undesirable nudity." yahoo responded to the news by denying any prior knowledge of the program, saying the spy agencies had quote "reached of a whole new level of violation of
for restructuring the national security agency phone surveillance program. this morning, "the wall street journal" is reporting the options range running it through telephone companies to ditching the program altogether. the company gets millions of phone records from three companies. last month, president obama asked the intelligence agency and the justice departments to come up with alternatives to take it out of the nsa's hands. >>> new information about controversial cuts in the number of air marshals. the department cutting the number of air marshals. that's according to an internal dhs e-mail obtained by cnn. the department declined to say how many positions have been eliminated. critics say the secrecy allows dhs to cut the workforce without having to tell anybody about it. something what happened in the years before 9/11. >> those cuts could come up today as jay johnson testifies before house members. he's expected to address security concerns at airports including the shoe bomb and toothpaste terror alert. this is johnson as first capitol hill appearance as secretary. >>> once on the cri
that the national security agency collected on millions of americans. those records are supposed to be destroyed after five years, but the justice department says they need to be preserved. why? because of civil lawsuits over the surveillance program. the information could end up as evidence at a trial. the court is expected to approve this request, but it might want the nsa to agree not to access the material for intelligence-gathering. >>> this morning, new word about the possible consequences between the deep freeze and u.s./afghan relations. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff telling the "associated press" what could happen if afghanistan doesn't sign a security pact with the u.s. army general martin dempsey says it's hurting the morale of afghan soldiers, and he's afraid some could end up siding with the taliban. president hamid karzai has refused to sign the agreement. president obama wants the pentagon to speed up plans to pull all the u.s. troops, but he's hoping karzai's replacement will sign the pact. the election is this spring. a very tense situation between these two countrie
: that's right. the national security agency. the federal government has been spying on people using angry birds and other popular games according to materials leaked by edward snowden. to protect yourself the software is only the beginning. the experts advise you to do what miss teen usa is now doing. get a sticker or card to physically cover up your webcam when you're no longer using it. joe vazquez, kpix5. >>> you want to get rid of your junk mail? here's how. the u.s. postal service delivers more than 262 million pieces of direct mail or junk mail daily and according to the epa half of all advertising mail is tossed in the trash. you can easily o. out using sites like dma, choice.org. >> marketers and fundraisers don't want to send a marketing or fundraising offer to a consumer that doesn't want to receive that. >> they tell us there's another option, a free app called paper karma. you simply take a puckett of the mail with your name -- picture of the mail with your name and address and the app contacts the company to unsubscribe you. >>> we've got a good amount of rain today. we
of the us national security agency. oh and siemens rti who has said when you were not aware of norwood week don't miss reported activity. this report it to represent the whole new level of violation of our users' privacy and is completely unacceptable to talk a little bit more about how this program was carried out earlier i spoke with auntie sarah first in line and address answer how can she see each queue was collecting this information. but this is done by a wet can increase its intake in a jiffy teeth each key. at eighty eight by the nsa. i don't have that program catering to all taken at the end anyway essentially correct affiliated states had for many in sydney on he's an account one point eight million. i can sense a payment agency database is and how this information supposed to be used. well this is the antidote is to see school as experiments in fourth place in facial recognition. i know is he's workin' on tuesday sec's existing content that illustrates the discovery of new targets and intense and safe effective can be used to try to find cars of all criminals had been full of sai
of national security agency leaker edward snowden. russia welcomed him and granted him temporary asylum. obama was stunned by the move. cancelled a one on one meeting with putin before the g-20 meetings in russia last september. he insisted things were okay between him and the russian president. >> i know the press likes to focus on body language and he's got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom. but the truth is, when we're in conversations together, often times it's very productive. >> vladimir putin did not agree, instead he added fuel to the fire, speaking terrifically to the american people in a letter published in the new york times last september saying, millions around the world increasingly see america not as a model of democracy, but as relying solely on brute force. cobbling coalitions together under the slogan, you're either with us or against us. president obama was still insisting the cold war had not returned. >> i don't think there's any secret on that. and our approach as the united states is not to see these as some cold war chegs board
every five minutes beginning in 2008 and shared with america's national security agency from yahoo. a growing number of asian people face a dilemma as their parents age, are they care givers or do they spend the parents to nursing homes and we go to a community trying to balance expectations while living in america. >> even on a weekend there is work for mary true looking after her children, husband and her 69-year-old mother who suffers from diabetes and deafness. together with her week-day job as a custodian true has a full plate. >> i get up at 2:00 and go to sleep at 5:45 i get up to prepare and get ready going to work, so it's a lot of pressure. >> reporter: three generations living under the same roof, that's a very typical arrangement for the families and endures for those who immigrated to the united states. >> and they take care of you and when you get older you return the favor as a way of thanking them. >> reporter: but maintaining that cultural mandate has become more difficult for families today in homes where both partners work full-time jobs so on week days true se
are in the defense department. the national security agency which has been in the news a lot. the national geospatial intelligence agency who i worked with for a couple of years. they take pictures from satellites. the defense intelligence agency does mostly intelligence matters. reconnaissanceal office which manages satellites. and a lot of people think you launch a satellite and it is just up there. no, you fly a satellite. you determine welhere it will be and then you maintain it. that is what they do. two intelligence agencies focused primarily on the united states. the fbi and the department of homeland security. they're concerned with threats st organizations and they work with state and local governments. view of the treasury government -- department. the drug enforcement agency. their work should be obvious. the energy department which is where my security clearance currently resides which looks after nuclear matters and energy matters. each of the five armed forces as its own intelligence branch. you put all that together and to 16 of them. the problem with the silos. we learned from 9/11 th
security agency may be willing to change the way it collects information on you. the chief says one option is to focus just on those domestic phone calls where a link to terror is suspected rather than collecting all phone records in general. >>> a delay in deciding when coalition troops will leave. with the security deal diminishing they say there are two options now. waiting for hamid karzai to leave office or plan for a complete withdrawal of troops by december. >>> new questions and confusion over whether there is a shortage of airline pilots. a new government report due out this morning says a large pool of qualified pilots exists, they just don't want to work for what the airlines are offering. >>> and today, the first batch of a massive trov of papers from the clinton white house will be released to the public. about 5,000 pages are expected today. in the next couple weeks, more than 25,000 others will be released. potentially sensitive documents relating to former first lady hillary clinton. this as she contemplates a 2016 white house run, of course. >> we're waiting for the releas
. general alexander also serves as we know as director of the national security agency, and when he retires at the end of next month he will by far be the longest-serving nsa director in history, and we thank you both for your extraordinary service. this hearing comes at a time of reduced budgets across the u.s. government, including the department of defense. even though this hearing comes in advance of the 2015 budget request, we want to hear from our witnesses about the impact of the overall budget situation, and expected 2015 budget submission, the impact that is likely to be the result of both the overall situation and the budget submission on the programs and operations under their oversight and direction. admiral haney, i hope you will address the full range of issues impacting strategic command today, including the status of our nuclear deterrent, the impact of the recent icbm cheating scandal him any potential efficiencies and cost savings that could reduce the $156 billion that the department projects that we will need to maintain and capitalize our nuclear triad over the coming d
the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this
of parliament the prime minister the presence of security law enforcement for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed at the march meeting. for muslims voted for the rule this show. information technologies are now also working in the modern way once again i want to say that in a tolerant and trust of our people are very important for us whatever we do whatever we see in any case to stability in the country. the quality of all people and no infringe the rights of people of any religions race language or nationality should be the main focus of our activities. these are the base of everything i strictly controlling any shock and told to dust we will overcome any difficulties we experience the collapse of the soviet union. we were in such a condition as ukraine has now quit and think others without wages and without pensions. i spoke to people and we came out of the situation according to the president today context and like any other state should be especially careful and vigilant in the recent ankle widespread concern is no exce
to present a security bond for strength for agencies and others at his residence the performance of the national security strategy was discussed in a large meeting. for muslims voted for. when will i took
at it here at there may -- it. targetingbe individuals associated with national security activities. >> do you see any problem with the practice as outlined in the "guardian" article? agencies wille look at the modern communication medium of the day, just like back before there was an nsa, there was national intelligence collection capability. they looked at telegraphs or telephones. in world war ii they looked at high frequency radio transmissions to track what the axis powers were doing. the intelligence communities have a mission to look at modern communications to keep us safe. surgein iraq during the and i led the intelligence element, and we were able to take the ied attacks in our area based onrom 150 to 5 our intelligence collection date abilities -- data abilities. it helps control the bad people out there. >> yahoo! does disagree with saying this report represents a whole new violation of our users' privacy. we strongly call on the world's governments. think of what bob is saying? >> i don't think there's any disagreement that intelligence communities need the ability to capture
suppose the white house and the national security council will always have that central coordinating role in making all the agencies worked together if they can and all the bureaucracies respond if they can. and it's not easy. it's a candid account of the book of how hard it is to do this no matter what party is an officer who was in charge. so you might have for example the commerce department in the business of promoting exports and we would want them to do that yet there could be tension with the treasury department which might be eager to put sanctions on a particular business, a particular powerful individual may be a state sponsor of terrorism like iran at a time when it's not convenient with respect to diplomatic initiatives. our intelligence agencies certainly differ legitimately. they can quarrel about assessments and prior days. there's a fine new book called treasury's war by juan zarate who has a lot of experience of a lot of experience in this and he brings up one case in which intelligence is closely watching the whole terror network someplace but at the same time they have
its policy. >> translator: the national security council has a key role in monitoring the ukraine crisis, and is working with relevant government agencies. we are watching the situation closely, and will respond appropriately. >> foreign minister fumio kishida said japan should closely monitor how other countries in the eu coordinate their positions. he added the government's bilateral arrangements with russia remain unchanged for now. >>> market jitters over ukraine have settled for now in asia, but it was a mixed session overall. and ramin mellegard from the biz team is here with more on that. >> gene, there was a rebound of sorts that we saw in the equity markets. but again, a little bit of hesitancy, as well. stock trading in europe is sluggish on wednesday. the positive momentum from russian president's comment did not continue for longer than a day. the markets in the region rallied on the previous day after putin said there's no need for military action for now. here's how the major indices are doing at this hour. london's ftse, and frankfurt's dax, and paris' cac 40, all t
on the ground are listening. >> christopher, spokesman for united nations relief work agency joins us via skype from jerusalem. thank you very much. those two men who killed a british soldier last may learned their fate, one getting life in prison. the other 45 years, and in december they were found guilty of this: killing lee rigby, a british soldier, running him over first with their car, and then hacking him to death. that crime happened in the middle of the day on a busy street of london. they said they weren' they wereg ththey were avenging thedeath od overseas. >>> the army looked at 20,000 soldiers all told and disqualified anyone with a record of criminal or unethical behavior. >>> one of georgia's largest employers, delta airlines coming out against the state's anti-gay bill, georgia now considering putting into affect a law that would allow business owners deny service based on religious ground. they say the real purpose is to discriminate against gays and lesbians. how significant are these comments from delta today? >> we think very significant. these are strong words in response to
as a process. we also work closely with the national security council and our counterparts in the agency. very much appreciate all of our work has gone analyze several months. in terms of the main points of the report which i think should be available to you on the apartment website family have three primary themes. the first is to provide an updated defense strategy in the que de our report that its ford division for protecting and advancing u.s. interest and a strategy that would sustain u.s. global leaders. it would talk about how we intend to rebalance the joint force to adjust to this changing strategic and fiscal environment . several of the high points of the rebalancing adjustments the secretary announced last week. i would also like to talk a little bit about some of the investments we are making in key capability areas that support where we think our joint force need steel. the third main theme in the report is ducking a letter of the apartment itself needs to a rebalance and reform to put additional continued emphasis on being more efficient, effective, and in particular controlling
as a national security issue, and let's remember, it was richard nixon who established the environmental protection agency and signed the clean air and water act working with a democrat congress. this is a bipartisan issue because it affects all of us. saying we need to do away with the environmental protection agency and it's overreached, epa would love it if congress would act and take action on climate change. that would be great if they set the levels of carbon, but they seem incapable of doing that, so the agency has a legal responsibility to take the action. >> yeah, i think it's clear under current administrative law they do also have the authority to deal with what you're talking about, some of the gaps when this congress is inactive on a host of issues, including this one, they have to continue to do their job, regulating, you mention bipartisanship, an important point, and secretary kerry, of course, making a similar point that this is also a national security issue. another big news item today, as we have been reporting, chris christie is out doing another town hall. you as a
to patrol the skies during the world cup. >> translator: images will be sent in real time to other security agencies, where quick decisions can be made. >> reporter: the drones kept a close eye on the brazilian national team bus during last june confederation's cup, and during the match outside the stadium, the back images of street protests, looking for any trouble that could arise. the brazilian air force makes it very clear these drones won't be used with weapons. they will only be used for surveillance and reconnaissance. but it's on the ground where the biggest threats to football could occur. it was a violent street protest that nearly toppled the football tournament last year. on this day, rio's riot police are doing a simulation on how to best prepare with updated training and fancy equipment. supplemented by more boots on the ground. brazil is a country with plenty of security risks with violent crime, and there is also the potential for terrorism and cyber attacks. brazil is spending more than $1 billion on world cup security, raphael says it is too much money with too little acco
issued by agencies such as the securities and exchange commission, the national labor relations board, they are excluded from cost benefit analysis otherwise required of other agencies. the congressional research service, bound between 2010 and 2012, nine independent agentcies issued 57 major rules, those are rules with a cost to the economy of over $100 million. 78 but none of those agencies monetized both cost and benefits in estimating the impacts of the rules. h.r. 899 codifies the principles of regulation in executive order 12866, issued by president clinton, and reaffirmed in executive order 13563, issued by president obama. it would also codify executive order 12866 requirement that agencies conduct a cost benefit analysis. h.r. 899 requires agencies to consult with the private sector prior toe promising a major rule. currently this requirement only applies to state, local, and tribal governments. in light of president obama's emphasis on early stakeholder input on the development of federal regulations, there is no reason to exclude private sector stakeholders from early consu
is a poor national security strategy. the nuclear weapons-free iran act would set the prom prop framework for ensuring that iran dismantles its illicit nuclear infrastructure, complies with all security council resolutions, cooperates with the international atomic energy agency, respects human rights, and ceases to promote global terrorism. furthermore, the nuclear weapons-free iran act implements president obama's own policy. in his recent state of the union address he stated -- and i quote -- "be the first to call for more sanctions" -- close quote should iran fail to uphold the interim agreement. by passing this legislation we are ensuring that the united states has the ability to further penalize iran for its continued noncompliance. nevertheless, president obama has threatened to veto this legislation, further indicating his willingness to blindly concede to iranian rhetoric. now is not the time for this nation to exhibit weakness. now is our chance to demonstrate to iran and to the world that we are serious about nuclear nonproliferation in compliance with international laws and obl
. >> images will be sent in realtime to other security agencies and a is not tral command center where quick decisions can be made. >> the drones kept a close eye on the brazilian national team bus going to the stadium and brazil i can't during the confederation cup and during the match, back images of street protests looking for trouble that could arise. >> the brazilian air force makes it clear these drones won't be used with weapons. there will be no bombs or missiles on them. for example, they will only be used for surveillance and recon sans. >> it's on the ground where the biggest threats to ball could occur it was a violent street protest that nearly toppled the football tournament last year on this day, rio's riot police are doing a simulation to best prepare with updated training, supplemented by more boots on the ground. brazil has plenty security risks but there is the potential of terrorism and cyber attacks that come with all major events in any country. brazil is spending more than $1,000,000,000 on world cup security. the local human rights ngo says it's too much money with to
in china ahead of the national people's congress gathering in beijing and security stepped up in the chinese capitol, but packed with travelers, railway stations are impossible to secure completely. >> a country the size of china has so many potential targets, the more remote, the more vulnerable. those killed and wounded had the misfortune to be in this station at the very time the attackers decided to strike. aljazeera. >> myanmar is allowing doctors without borders to reopen clinics in the country, but band from the home of thousands of muslims. at least 200 people there have been killed by buddhist groups since 2012. >> two explosions in the city in northeast nigeria have killed dozens. a second attack took place in a village, both assaults are in the region government forces have been fought. witnesses say theville was burned to the ground. we have an update on the attacks. >> the details of this attack on the village are still unclear. what we do know from eyewitnesses is that the village was raided late saturday night by masked gun men firing rocket propelled grenades i
and for political asylum has been drawn to him by russia. season eight am to secure the nation sunday from kiev and thank you very much indeed for that excite underwood the country mall while i can add on as an adventure touring for the council president to speak not according to an onshore nations x button on the back. while technically still the housing rights as the president of the ukraine after being driven out by this switch in kiev. and he's released a rather powerful state. we have seen a complete deterioration of the situation i type this which has shown that people really have no power to control what is going on and certainly not in the entirety of the ukraine was an even more locally the ultra nationalist markets which which. the cynically you may be an attempt to ride the tiger of their violence into power. we're now in control of the streets so which i guess at this point my spiel he has no alternative except to try to restore order to the country lines of ultra nationalistic anti seem to trouble in ukraine south now with the forefront on grass now and the capital of the atonement
to national security. and as well we need to have the flexibility to the secretary of homeland security to make those decisions. 2804 was created under the guise of increasing agency transparency. i would offer to say that there are instance when is all of us know that our security is crucial. mr. chairman, i ask that my colleagues support this exemption for homeland security to protect america's homeland and national security. with that i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves her time. for what purpose does the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? mr. goodlatte: i rise in opposition to the amendment. the amendment seeks to shield the department of homeland security, a department in need of good government reform, from all of the government rule making reforms in this bill. we should not do that. the bill does not threaten needed regulation in the department of homeland security's jurisdiction, but simply assures the d.h.s. will avoid unnecessary regulation, issue smarter, less costly regulation when necessary, and not enter into sweetheart backroom deal
of the annual national people's congress gathering in beijing. and security has been stepped up in the chinese capital. but packed with travelers provincial railway stations are impossible to secure completely. a country the size of china has so many potential targets. the more remote they are, the more vulnerable. those who were killed and wounded have the misfortune to be in this station at the very time the attackers decided to strike. rob mcbride, al jazerra. >>> tensions have been simmering over a heavily muslim region in china's far west it is home to the muslim people many who are unhappy about chinese restriction on his their culture and religion. but this is the first time people from there have been blamed for carrying out such a big attack so far from home. last october the communist party leadership said the separatists were responsible for an attack on beijing's tieniman square. a vehicle plowed in to tourists killing five people. >>> let's get more now from the former presiden president of tha american association, remember they behind this attack? >> well, it's hard to give you
and the private sector. the securities and exchange commission, national labor relations board, federal communications commission, just a few example of agencies that impose regulations without consideration of the actual cost or impact on that on the public. now, this bill does not prevent agencies from creating regulations. it gives the impression that this will be a wild west and all these agencies will be limited. it only asks them to consider the costs in the -- and the impact of those regulations and to have some conversation with people and how it can be done less burdensome or less expensive. according to 2011 administrative law review article, analysis conducted by independent regulatory agencies is generally minimum, required by statute. in many instances, the independent regulatory agencies appear to be issuing major regulations without reporting any quantitative information on cost. o.m.b. 2013 draft report to congress on the benefits and costs of federal regulations and unfunded mandates provides a limited view of the cost-benefit analysis conducted by a limited number of i
that folks watching at home understand that the department of homeland security brought 22 agencies together. decade, operating in a cohesive fashion. i understand the challenge. i want to go on the record for that. as we talk about immigration reform, the numbers that we a year using today are 11.5 million illegal immigrants. 40% of those do violate our sovereignty by crossing a border. they actually violated the national trust that we place and we place in them. they had interviewed at a consulate. we have a picture and a fingerprint. we have an address of where a lot of these folks were going. where they're going to work. whether they are going to attend college. half of the illegals in this -5.8try as to made it 4.8 million people here illegally, overstay their visa. this is low hanging fruit from a issue. and immigration the question i have for you is, do you think that we should work hard, because the information i , we know who these people are. don't you think we ought to ramp up that percentage, but more effort in enforcing the immigration, getting them back , but deal with half of
that the folks watching at home understand the department of homeland security brought 22 agencies together or subagent says under -- subagent says under one umbrella and trying to make sure that all of those operate in a very cohesive fashion. so i pulley understand the challenge finish can fully understand the challenge, and i just want to go on the record for that. want to shift gears and talk about something that's on my mind regularly as we talk about immigration reform. because the numbers that were used today roughly 11.5 million, say 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states, roughly 40-49% of those didn't just violate our sovereignty by crossing a border, southern or northern doesn't matter, they actually violated the national trust that we've placed in them, because we gave them a permission slip to come here known as a visa. they had an interview at a consulate or embassy, we have a correct spelling of their name, we've got a picture, probably a fingerprint. we know where they were going in most instances, coming to work or going to school. i get that, that they can trav
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